22 Mar

hey guys! sorry we’ve been so m.i.a. we’ve been bad bloggers, but we’re getting back in the swing of things. it’s been quite jarring to be back in school. break was soo relaxing and seemed much longer than breaks usually do. we’ve had a few struggles to work through already this week, including massive (next year) housing drama. major struggles. anyway, i thought today might be a good day to post on things that have been making me happy lately. maybe this will help lighten the mood…

1. annual food show at the dining hall

we are not big fans of our school’s main dining hall. actually, we go there only for breakfast on the weekends. howevvver, today was “sample day,” which was super exciting. basically the dining hall was full of foods we don’t normally have, like sushi, fried ravioli, fresh fruit, etc. a nice break from the norm, and a fun surprise during a stressful week.

2. sh*t my dad says

i read this hilaaaaaaarious book over break. i was literally laughing out loud while reading it in the pool. the book is basically of collection of stories and quotes that a mid-twentiesish guy’s dad has said. it reminds me of chelsea handler’s books, but each story is a bit shorter than chelsea’s, so i never got bored. go get it now!

3. crime shows

new obsession that i developed over break. i loved csi in high school, but my new thing is ncis and law + order: svu. makes going to the gym so much more fun!








here’s hoping that the rest of the week goes better!

xo charlotte


One Response to “m.i.a.”

  1. lola March 23, 2011 at 7:43 am #

    its tots ok char! just thank god you are back… i was getting worried i would no longer have my fav blog to read!

    <3 lola was missing you!

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