go-go gadget

17 Mar

i’m a gadget girl. i am horrrrrrible at technology (like i can’t even upload pictures to facebook or figure out how to turn on my printer), but i am obsessed with electronics. i am also very easily talked into buying things at stores. sucker for technology + easy target at stores = gadget geek.

of course i have a blackberry and a macbook pro and other normal electronics like that, but today i want to talk about two of my other favorite gadgets.

1. nook

i’m obsessed with my nook. it’s the barnes + noble version of an e-reader. it is SOOO convenient and useful. the nook holds an obscene amount of books. when i see a book i like, i order it on my nook and i have it automatically.  i am an instant gratification type of girl, so i love that i don’t have to run to the bookstore or library when i hear about a book i want to read. i have a backlog of books on my nook, so whenever i finish one i instantly have another at my fingertips. also, the nook is AMAZEBALLS for travel.  i spend several months each summer in africa, and there is noooo way i could lug all the books i want to read there with me. i read like 15 books this past summer, and those books would have taken up an entire suitcase! if you don’t have a nook or kindle or other type of e-reader, put one on your wishlist asap!

2. clarisonic face brush

this gadget is life changing. end of story. it’s basically an electronic brush that you use to wash your face. its bristles rotate and massage your face. it doesn’t hurt at all- i actually think it feels really good! my face feels sooo clean afterwards. also, this gadget has done wonders for my skin. it’s never been so smooth and clear. i have the brush with the body attachment too, which is really cool because then i can use it to exfoliate my body. supa cool!

go get your gadget on!

xo charlotte


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