travel one oh one

16 Mar

it’s no secret that i LOVE to travel.  to say it’s my greatest passion in life is the understatement of the year.  because i’m a control freak, i plan almost all of my family’s vacations.  therefore, i’ve amassed quite a few travel tips in my day.  here is just a taste:

best travel idea surfing website: this website is run by conde nast traveler, and it has great travel guides for all sorts of destinations.  it has reviews of hotels, restaurants, activities, shopping, and nightlife. is a great place to start if you’re looking for travel ideas.

best flight website: kayak.  it searches through all sorts of different websites (all the individual airlines’ websites, PLUS priceline, expedia, travelocity, and more) to find the lowest prices. hands down the cheapest flights around.  it’s also super user-friendly, and it includes all taxes when it displays the prices.

best hotel website: expedia.  i know there are websites where you can probably get better deals, but i think expedia is a great website to surf around on for hotel ideas.  it has lots of different filter categories you can fill in, like minimum star rating.  additionally, expedia has the most photos per hotel of any travel website i’ve ever seen.  aaaand it has accurate star ratings and good traveler reviews.

best travel advice website: fodors.  the forums on this website are a great resource. travelers provide truthful reviews of hotels and even offer comparisons between multiple hotels you might be considering.  i find that these forums often highlight problems with hotels that are not presented on other travel websites.

happy travels!

xo charlotte


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