surfing the channels

16 Mar

in case it isn’t already clear, i love tv.  a quality tv show has the power to make you feel sad, happy, and/or burst out laughing.  throughout my life there have been a few shows that have been so great that i will never forget them and characters that made them great.  lets take a little stroll down memory lane and see if you remember these nickelodeon classics and my personal nick faves (in alphabetical order for convenience)

  1. all that
  2. angry beavers
  3. cat dog (the inspiration for my halloween costume with mary, probably one of the better ideas in my hallo history)
  4. clarissa explains it all
  5. doug
  6. figure it out
  7. hey arnold!
  8. keenan and kel
  9. legends of the hidden temple
  10. rocket power
  11. rocko’s modern life
  12. rugrats (but obviously classic rugrats, not all grown up)
  13. the wild thornberrys (nigel was a champ)

wow, lucky number 13 :) .  anyone who doesn’t know what these shows are should check them out, most 90s children will agree that all nickelodeon shows since these have paled in comparison

xx m


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