oh the woes of technology

15 Mar

so i’m grateful that i was born in the 20th century where we have things like cars, tv, indoor plumbing, internet and cell phones cus seriously life would suck if you had to dig a hole every time you went to the bathroom. actually three years ago when i visited korea, my family and i visited a village that was subsidized by the government to remain “uncorrupted” by technology as a tourist attraction to see how koreans lived in the olden days. let me tell you…it sucked. the “toilet” is this HUGE hole like 10 feet or so deep with a 2 feet diameter that has two 2×4 boards across it where you have to walk across (one per each foot) and then squat to go to the bathroom. and there is a good chance you can slip and fall into it–especially if its raining or dark. apparently people have died in holes like those…oh what a way to go (haha no pun intended). another “toilet” i saw was this pig pen built out of rocks that was about 2 feet high where this huge sow was kept. i thought it was their pet, or at least a future dinner. that’s why i was extremely disturbed when i found out it was their personal toilet. there was a little opening at the bottom of the rock wall place someone could squat and provide “dinner” for this huge sow. i freaked out when i learned that–sounds like animal cruelty to me!!! (i hope they actually don’t EVER eat that pig..disgusting). so anyway, it definitely would’ve sucked to live in the past…can you imagine being the little girl on the prarie (if anyone has ever read those books when they were younger)? milking cows, obeying your mom and making sandwiches for your man…sucks for them. but i must say as much as technology has increased quality of life and in turn, happiness, there are definitely some downsides. for example: even though we are in completely separate countries, charlotte can BBM me for FREE and yell at me for not posting on the blog, and then i  can’t even pretend i never received the message because she is notified that i have read it. great. so now i am going to talk a little bit more about technology.

gps. how the eff did people get around without it, right? well like how i get around: with a handy dandy set of mapquest directions and a odometer! yeah it’s sad…if you see me driving on the highway trying to read a sheet of paper and drive at 75 mph at the same time…get away from me! that’s me trying to get to my dentist appointment. and hopefully i would not have missed a crucial exit or else i’d be panicking cus i’d be screwed. dunzo. that’s the worst cus there’s no way i’d ever find my way there now. i guess there’s some perks to not owning a gps–over the 3 years i’ve been driving i’ve developed an extremely good sense of direction. i can always get home no matter where i am, and if i’ve driven there once i can remember how to get there. sort of like a human gps. this comes in handy for intense on days like today. i went to my eye doctor that’s 30 minutes from my house in a town i don’t know but i forgot to get directions on how to get back home. i just turned right and kept turning right and trying to go in a direction i thought was north. 20 minutes later i hit the place i used to row from! from there it took me 30 minutes to get home b/c i remembered how to drive home from senior year. i don’t know how i ended up in that town because it’s not really close to the town i was in but i managed. however, it does suck when your trying to go home and you end up in the ghetto at 3 am when there’s no cars around, no building lights on, and no people on the street after you hear stories of what happens to girls that are by themselves in that city. that was just a little terrifying i’m not going to lie. that was one of the only time i locked my car doors…yea i’m a bamF.

OH and another creepy thing about technology. i can find you. these days it’s so simple to find out about a person’s life LIKE THAT. for example, if you sent me the first name of a person, his school, his graduation date, i can probably find him on facebook surfing through mutual friends of that school. if he told you the name of his street i can google map it to make sure it exists. then i can cross check the white pages for someone with his last name and find out where he lives. and then i can hopefully see his pictures, find out who his friends are, and then judge him off his facebook profile. then i can tell you if he’s attractive or not (in my opinion) and then you can hook up with him while weighing my opinions/your own opinions. CREEPY right? (by the way this is all theoretical…it did not really happen..)

technology does have a lot of benefits though so i shouldn’t be complaining…i have seen a 46.7% decrease in the amount of cavities i’ve gotten since i got the spinbrush and i can proudly say my ex is not doing better than me ;) OH and the best thing? you can order chipotle from an iphone! wtf. clearly iphone > blackberry (too bad the iphone came out for verizon 2 months after i got my bb fml)

until spring break is over because i will be NOT blogging til i need to procrastinate from work (and blogging takes away from quality time that can be spent sleeping, eating, and other fun things),


2 Responses to “oh the woes of technology”

  1. jeannie March 16, 2011 at 3:56 pm #


  2. lola March 17, 2011 at 9:56 am #

    char char will not be happy that you are not blogging over break… and neither will kaka or lola…

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