14 Mar

a couple of weeks ago, a few of my sorority sisters and i went to a lecture that really spoke to me. the lecture was given by a twenty-something-year-old woman named liz funk.  funk wrote a book called supergirls speak out: inside the secret crisis of overachieving girls. funk spoke about the pressure girls today face. they feel like they have to be the best at everything. these girls get so stressed out that their entire lives are overshadowed by their drive for success. they compete against others and against themselves.

the lecture spoke to me so much because i felt like funk was literally describing my life. i am one of the most stressed out people i know. i put sooo much pressure on myself that it’s ridiculous.  i spend way too much time doing work.  i work until 2 a.m. when i could just work until midnight. my papers are way longer than professors ask for. i take on too many commitments from my extracurriculars.  i put 150% effort into everything when i could just put in 100% and have the same (or a similar enough) result.

worse, i let all of these tasks and assignments overwhelm me.  i act like they control me, like my work has some sort of power over me. i schedule my life around my work instead of around me. i won’t go out if i have too much work. similarly, i won’t hang out with friends or watch tv shows or go to long dinners. this isn’t just at exam time, but daily. even worse, i know that doing a  lot of work won’t make me happy. of course getting good grades is important, but it isn’t everything. one good grade will make you happy, but the high is only temporary.  five minutes after getting a good grade, you’re already stressed about all the work you still have to do. it’s too much!

soooo, i’ve decided to make a few changes. i have gotten a LOT less anxious this past year, but there are still things i want to change. i want to prioritize friendships and relationships and place less emphasis on schoolwork. this means i want to go out more, watch tv on schoolnights, and hang out with friends without feeling guilty. i also want to start getting more sleep by going to bed earlier. i know that there are a TON of other girls who feel the same way as me- i hope you guys will try to overachieve less and be happier too!

wish me luck!

xo charlotte


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