13 Mar

i’m super excited to be in the caribbean for break with m!  i love traveling, but i also (occasionally) love staying home for break.  college is amazing, but it can become overwhelming and stressful at times.  it’s a lot of pressure to always be with people, always have a ton of work, constantly have social events you have or want to attend, etc.  sometimes, we all need to just take a breakkk…

a few of my friends will be staying at home for break (or at school because they’re big time athletes, like my friend katie!), so i thought it’d be fun to share some ideas i have for things to do over break.

-start a blog!

-make a collage of photos of you and your friends

-do yoga, or try the newest craze, Zumba

-go for a hike

-send care packages to friends


-write a bucket list


-rearrange your room

-paint/decorate a ruit table

-get a makeover at Sephora or another makeup store

-splatter paint with balloons (aka throw darts at paint filled balloons- i’ve always wanted to try this)

-make jewelry

-paint pottery

-do something you used to love doing when you were younger (i.e. MarioKart, foursquare, wallball)

-start a scrapbook

-catch up on the newest Real Housewives locations

-host a dinner party

-go see the Justin Bieber movie in 3D

-go to a spa or give yourself a spa day (manicure + pedicure, facial)

-learn how to cook something that seems intimidating, like sushi or popovers

-have a Harry Potter or Twilight marathon

-go midnight bowling

-lie on the couch under a fluffy duvet with a thick stack of shiny new magazines

have a great break!

xo charlotte


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