four thangz

11 Mar

and yet again, we’ve made it to friday! best day of the week. this friday is especially exciting because we just got home for SPRING BREAK, and because we finished midterms (well, most of them at least)! woohoooo! m and i actually left school around 4 yesterday so we got home in time for dinner with our families. here are a few things that made me happy this week…

1. not getting any speeding tickets on the drive home!

the new york state troopers and i don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. i like to drive a little faster than the speed limit, and they don’t exactly love that. back in the day (aka a couple months ago) i got two tickets in a two month span. no bueno. i’ve since completely revamped my driving habits and am happy to say that i’ve had no mishaps thus far in 2011 (knock on wood!).

2. having things get cancelled unexpectedly

it is SOO exciting when things that you were dreading just randomly got cancelled! first up we had the snow day on monday, which cancelled all classes. then a meeting i didn’t want to go to on tuesday was cancelled. finally, two of my three friday classes were cancelled, meaning i could go home for break early! super happy about that!

3. scarves

i lovelovelove scarves. i guess you could say i collect them, actually. i wear them all year and never travel without one! lately, i’ve found that they’re great for throwing on to go to class when you’re super busy even with just leggings and a sweatshirt. you look a little bit cuter and more pulled together. plus, you’ll stay warmer and have something to play with in class (i know that sounds weird, but i need ANYTHING to keep me awake during my boring as eff religion class).

4. family dinners

i was so happy that i was able to go home for a day before heading off to the caribbean. i got back in town around 8 and drove straight off the highway to our club, where i grabbed a dress and suede jacket from my suitcase and changed in the bathroom for a fam dinner. it was AMAZING to see my family again. i love my family SO MUCH and miss them a ton when i’m at school. everyone in my family has a fun, strong personality, so we laugh so much when we sit around the dinner table. we’re also all very different, so hilarious antics are bound to ensue. i will definitely write a post about my family members in the near future haha…

that’s all for now folks… have a great friday!

xo charlotte


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