all about me?

10 Mar

i know you might laugh, but this week’s episode of bethenny ever after really made me think.  i know, i know- reality tv made me think? bethenny shares her struggles about feeling like her life is all about her. she speaks openly with her husband jason about how she sometimes feels like everything they do revolves around her, and she feels guilty for that.  lately, i’ve started to feel the same way.

i have a big personality, and i LOVE making people laugh. making people laugh is my favorite thing in the entire world. i thrive off the attention i receive from it. i am very dramatic and sarcastic and love talking in general.  lately i’ve realized that i talk about myself alllll the time. i feel like i dominate most or all of the conversations i participate in. this isn’t just in conversations with friends, but also in the classroom and in conversations with people i’ve just met.

i feel like sometimes i control conversations because i want people to think i’m worth it. i don’t want to seem like a neutral person and a waste of space. while i do think that people (usually) like to hear what i have to say, i want them to think that they’re worth it too. i DO think other people are worth it and have amazing things to say.  i am such a curious person and want to know everything about everyone else. i’m starting to worry, however, that maybe sometimes this doesn’t come across. maybe people think i’m self-absorbed and only care about myself.

like bethenny, i don’t want people to get sick of me and leave. i know this might seem like a dramatic statement, but it shouldn’t be like this. i want to make a conscious effort to speak less about myself and leave room for other people to contribute to the conversation. wish me (and bethenny) luck!

xo charlotte


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