9 Mar

i’m a dreamer.  i think it’s because i’m a perfectionist and sometimes get brought down when things in my life aren’t going the way i wish they would.  i like to imagine how things could be. dreams keep us alive.  they give us something to think about so we aren’t always so bogged down by the realities of everyday life.  they can be light, fluffy, and fun.  playful.  here are some things i’m currently daydreaming about while studying for the two midterms i have today.

cartier love bracelet.  i’ve wanted this bracelet since i was 12 (i think?) when i first saw it on one of the girls on that horribly trashy show filthy rich: cattle drive.  i love the idea that it’s locked on, that somebody loves you so much that they want to always be with you. the yellow gold is my favorite, but truthfully, i love them all.

louis vuitton neverfull gm. i’ve never been a huge fan of louis vuitton, or bags with designer monograms all over them.  however, i looove this bag. i think the classic lv print is muted enough to not be obnoxious.  plus, i like how this bag has side laces so that the shape can be changed and adjusted. i think this bag would be great for school and travel (aka study abroad, obvs) because you can fit so much stuff in it!  it would make a great birthday present for yours truly (hint hint, mom + dad)!


a trip to miraval with my mom.  my absolute dream spa.  it looks gorgeous, and i love all of the treatments and activities they have.  plus, my mom loves arizona.  and i am absolutely in love with slash obsessed with my mom.  win-win.  we could both use a relaxing vacation. in fact, why haven’t we booked this trip already?!

back to reality. have a great day!

xo charlotte


2 Responses to “daydream”

  1. kaka March 9, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    omg i love this :)
    i want that bracelet now!! i want someone to love me
    can you write a post on love please? thank you!


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    […] time with my family (especially my mom!)- excuse the weird outfits in this photo (we were in […]

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