snow day!

8 Mar

yesterday we had a once in a lifetime experience…  we got a snow day!  our school hadn’t had a snow day in almost twenty years, so we were NOT expecting one.  i actually woke up at 7 to keep studying for my religion midterm. i studied for a couple of hours, brushed my teeth, and started to throw on an outfit when mary mumbled “delayyy.”  of course i didn’t believe her (we NEVER believe anything mary says, even though she’s frequently right- another post for another time), but i turned on my blackberry and got about 87 text messages and emails from the school confirming that we had a snow day!!!  ahhh oh happy days!

{photo credit: our friend leah, who is one of our top two most loyal readers (after caroline!) and is cool because she’s from oregon (aka she’s alternative) and is m’s sorority sista}

i collapsed back into bed for an hour or two of unexpected bliss before before woken up by SCREAMING.  our friend caroline was dancing around the hallway in absolute elation that classes were cancelled.  this roused everyone and we gathered outside in our common room to gossip, lie on the comfy couches, facebook stalk (and like everyone’s statuses/stati that were about the snow day), and listen to justin bieber.

soon enough we all got hungry.  only our friend natalie and i were brave enough to venture to the dining hall for provisions.  we layered up and started the arduous climb. treacherous in a nutshell.  there were like 2 people outside struggling up the MASSIVE hill.  we were all in hip-deep snow.  crazy times.

{photo by jeannie (our crazy friend who LOVERLYLOVES to dance), starring sarah (our super athletic friend who is clearly owning the stairs on her way to carb-load before owning her poli sci project)}

about an hour later, we made it to the dining hall, carb-loaded, downed some hot chocolate, and stole a minimum of twenty bagels (which we hid in natalie’s louis).  we sacrificed getting strange looks in order to protect our friends from starving!

after skiing slash sliding slash ice skating down the hill while stopping for photoshoots and woodpeckers, we finally made it back to our homeland where we stayed for the rest of eternity.  we did a teeny bit of work worked all day, played with our friend kimmy who is like a baby elf swaddled in a puffy neon blue moncler, snuggled on the couch, ate lots of bagels, read blogs, and watched movies and pretty little liars and bethenny.  #bestdayever

xo charlotte


One Response to “snow day!”

  1. lovely March 9, 2011 at 7:25 am #

    this caroline girl seems super cool and cute.. just saying
    you must be so lucky to have her reading your blog so passionately.. hahah :)

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