mmmm hurngryy

8 Mar

i love breaks and spring break is much needed considering we just had a snow day. wth?? this weather’s on crack — one day it’s 50* and you can wear slightly cuter clothes than usual and the next day it’s back to those ugly snowboots. in my opinion there’s no point in even trying to look like you made an effort to get dressed in the morning if you’re going to end up wearing snowboots with it. shoes make and break an outfit and snowboots…ew. besides your knee-length puffy coat is all people see anyway. unfortunately,  i will not be laying on a beach this spring break considering i had a little incident at the end of last semester that my parents were not too thrilled about (emergency room…check!) embarrassing…but i hate the beach anyway so i’m not too upset (yeah, i’m not a real person i know). however there are a ton of things that i’m looking forward to doing once i get home! the majority of it will probably be eating, sleeping, shopping, watching tv and chilling with my other half…sounds like a solid spring break to me! i’ll definitely will be venturing into the city to see what kind of stupid shit i can get in to (ie being mugged by a midget, missing the last bus home in port authority and ending up on a random street in englewood at 3 am, creepers on the subway etc.). but i love the city so i thought i’d share some of my favorite places & things to do in case you’re bored over break!

First of all, i LOVE to eat (if you couldn’t tell by looking at me lol) but the city is kind of expensive (an average meal costs the same as slaving away for a whole dinner shift at the burger joint i used to work at senior year) so me and christina always search for cheap restaurants that have good food. at the top of my list is cafe habana on the corner of prince and elizabeth street. i am OBSESSED. i tell m she has to go all the time because they have the most amazing corn-on-the-cob slathered with butter and spices (it’s their specialty.)

it's always packed--so go at an awkward hour (like 3) if you don't want to wait in line. also, it's a really small and cramped might feel claustrophobic but it's totally worth it. (warning: don't go in the summer though when its 85*+...there's no A/C and just one dinky little fan in a cramped restaurant..not exactly appetizing) for 5 bucks you can 2 of these corn-on-the-cobs...for 10 you can get a delicious meal

i also love hop-kee on mott street in china town which serves authentic cantonese (chinese) food. if you go there you HAVE to get the sea-food…the sauces are amazing. this restaurant is a little hard to find because it is located down some stairs but it’s one of my favorite chinese restaurants. another cheap but delicious eat is the famous halal cart on 53rd st and 6th ave. (i always used to get this when i took a summer class at hunter college fml worst class ever) They’re located on the SE corner during the day and SW during the night. make sure to get the white sauce & the hot sauce (if you can handle it!)

all this yummy halal food for $5!

for dessert, i love pinkberry! i’m obsessed with fro-yo (because it tastes like ice cream but i can live in denial and pretend it’s healthier). there’s a bunch of fro-yo places all over the city including yolato, red mango, and pinkberry (sometimes even on the same street) but pink berry has chocolate fro-yo (unlike the other two) and other soft-serve flavors. these are all over the city so you’ll have no problem finding it!

my favorite…topped with hazelnuts and sprinkles, delish!

if you’re looking for a nicer place to eat dessert, you can try max brenner’s on broadway between 13th and 14th street. i went here with m on my bday last year and as soon as you walk in you’re overwhelmed by the smell of pure, rich chocolate. look at this dessert menu and DIE. i’ve gotten the chocolate chunk pizza with the works, the fondue sharing for 2 and the hot chocolate. i recommend the fondue or anything that is not chocolate on chocolate because it does get too-sweet after a couple of bites. (i’d never thought i’d say this). I also like ferrera’s in little italy…i always order the bosco fruit tart (which is my all-time fave dessert!) in the summer, if you have time you can also search for the big gay ice cream truck (or you could just look up their location of the day on their website) which is a unique twist on the classic mr. softee.

as you can see i’m soooo passionate about food (morbidly obese person at heart) and WILL venture into the city if i’m craving some corn-on-the-cob but occassionally i like to do other things too. one of the most fun and interesting things in the city that i’ve done was go to the museum of sex on 5th ave and 27th st.  the front of the museum is the gift shop that sells very phallic-looking art and other interesting things to look at. tickets are only about $18 but this was def. one of the most interesting and fun museums that i’ve been to. (uhh just make sure you go with your friends…i don’t think this is the type of museum you want to suggest for a family outing). Some of the exhibitions change from season to season but nonetheless it was interesting and you actually learn a lot (like who knew chimpanzees get freaky in tons of diff positions?!?!) if you do want something that is more appropriate but just as interesting go to the museum of natural history (if you’ve never been then you HAVE to go). this is my FAVORITE museum and tickets are donation-based so you can get in with just a dollar! this museum is huge and you can spend all day there. my favorite exhibit is the dinosaurs (of course) but all the exhibits are awesome! you can also check out the met and the moma (i’m not a big fan of art) and also the ripley’s believe it or not museum and madame tussauds in times square (ok–these are not real museums but its so much fun inside!)

if you want even more things to do you can check out a broadway or off-broadway show (try to student rush if it’s a tuesday or wednesday night and you can save alot of money). i loved legally-blonde the musical, avenue Q, the lion king, and mamma mia. you can also walk around times square, go to the top floor of the empire state building, visit china-town and check out soho. you can smoke hookah, drink and go clubbing as well…just make sure you have a way to get home unless you plan to sleepover at port-authority or penn station.

so whether you’re gunna be chillaxing in the dR, hibernating in bed, or going on a city adventure…i hope everyone is pumped for spring break :)

3 Responses to “mmmm hurngryy”

  1. lola March 9, 2011 at 7:27 am #

    yummy :)
    i want to go to all these places- especially the dessert ones!!
    what are all of your favorite snack foods? study foods? comfort foods?

  2. The Rule of Three March 9, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

    what’s the difference between study food and comfort foods? i don’t discriminate…anything that has sugar is delicious to moi :)

  3. lola March 9, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

    like what food do you eat to help you study?
    what food do you eat when you are sad/ dealing with things in your life?
    what are your favorite snacks?
    favorite desserts?

    :) lola <3

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