best frandz

7 Mar

i spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about all of the ways that college has changed me. one of the things i am most thankful for is the friends that i have made. mary and m are two of my absolute best friends in the entire world. i cannot imagine my life without them.  who would i talk to?  who would i take random adventures with? who would i laugh to death with, cry with, go out with, eat with, watch tv with, go on spring break with, live my life with? each one of us has experienced a struggle or two this week, and i don’t think we could have gotten through without each other. mary and m mean SO much to me.  both of them offer differ things to me and have helped change slash influence me in different ways.

mary is the most loyal person i have ever met.  if i ever needed ANYTHING, she would be there in less than 2.5 seconds.  she is also incredibly accepting.  mary never passes judgment on ANYONE for ANYTHING.  she gives people so many chances that i sometimes get frustrated with her because i think she should cut off people who’ve wronged her.  mary is also so fun and so funny!  she provides such comic relief through her hilarious comments, lack of listening skills, and unique things that happen to her. as our friend jeannie just said, “40 percent of my daily laughter slash happiness is supplied by mary.”  mary has taught me about loyalty, not taking myself too seriously, and being more accepting and less judgmental.

m and i are more similar than mary and i are, but m has still taught me many things. she is a relaxing presence for me.  m is very hardworking and accomplishes a lot, but she is able to complete everything she has to without flipping out.  she gets all of her work done in a timely manner without slaving away until the deadline, and she manages to look cute and put together everyday (even if she has a big test!).  m sees the importance in having balance.  m is also very devoted to her family.  she puts her family and friends above everything else.  i have never met anyone with a closer family (and extended family for that matter)!  m is always game for anything, and luckily we have very similar interests!  we love all the same tv shows, designers, etc., and love having adventures together (like spring break and study abroad)!  such a great friend to have!  m has shown me the benefit of relaxing, living a balanced life, and focusing on friends and family.

asante sana, rafiki yangu. i love you both so much.

xo charlotte


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