disney rated r?

6 Mar

i am OBSESSED with disney.  i may almost be 20, but my love of the classic disney movies will never die.  the one time in my life that this love has wavered was when i found out about these interrrresting questionable moments throughout the movies.  have you ever heard about these inappropriate disney symbols?

1. aladdin

if you listen closely right before “a whole new world” (which happens to be one of my favorite disney songs of all time) you will hear a CREEPY voice saying “good teenagers take off your clothes”.  apparently disney claims he is saying “good kitty, take off and go”. what disney? creeper status for sure!  not okay…

2. lion king

3. the little mermaid

i think this one is a little harder to believe, they sort of seem like a stretch but here are the claims.  on the original cover of the movie, the castle includes a “phallus-shaped tower”, which apparently happened because the detailing was rushed?

another interesting image was during ursula’s wedding.  if you look at the bishop, there is something mysterious between his tights and his tunic.  apparently this bulge is his knee, but some have interpreted it as something else…

appparently disney was sued for placing subliminal sexual messages in all three of these movies.  disney of course denies this and will not comment on the suit, but what do you guys think? could these have been a mistake? are there problems with the ideals that disney shows young children? either way it makes for an interesting investigation…

xx m


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