amo l’italia

5 Mar

ciao amici! amo l’italia, non è un segreto! ever since i went to italy for the first time with my grandparents in elementary school, i’ve been hooked. we went to venice, florence, and rome and venice quickly became my favorite place in the world.

since then, i have gone back to italy two more times, once again with my grandparents to tuscany and other regions, and another time to rome.  i never lose sight of how incredibly lucky i have been to spend so much time in italy.  my trip to rome was unlike any other though because i got to spend a month in the summer of 2008 with some of my best friends.  living in an italian city, meeting the people, and learning the language was one of the greatest experiences of my life. rome became our stomping ground and we did awesome things like gelato tastings, finding american bars (sloppy sams anyone?) and of course seeing all of the history up close.


we saw some ridiculous sights          we got to experience

like this casual one in the park…       the metro (it’s SUPER busy…)



we became regulars at the best                 i got to spend my 17th birthday in

trattoria on our street, and even               one of the most gorgeous places in

made friends with our waiter lonzoro         the world (fave pic, btw)

and we even left our mark (i miss you all insane amounts–DAMAJ)

it was amazing because rome really became our home.

as we have mentioned before, charlotte and i will be studying abroad in florence next semester!! we are SO excited and two of my best friends from rome are going to be there also!!!! i don’t think it’s possible to be more excited about something.

italy is one of my favorite countries, i have had the best experiences there, and i am so excited to explore florence with some of my favorite people :)

xx m


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