4 Mar

what’s cookin’ good-lookin??? (yea…i know i’m a loser, it’s mary btw!).speaking of yummy things, we went to dino bbq today and it was AH-MAZING..i ate sooo much that i turned into a veggie and couldn’t move for five hours…had to curl up in a ball on my bed until i went from feeling as if i was going to explode to feeling slightly uncomfortable. the food was totally worth the pain though. i highly recommend skipping the ribs though and getting a bunch of chicken wings instead…oh and ALOT of sides. all the sides i tried (cornbread, fries, lobster bisque and mac&cheese (and i don’t even like mac&chz) were SOO good..yeah i know i’m morbidly obese don’t judge). drool over the menu at http://www.dinosaurbarbque.com/ oh and go at an awkward hour…we got there at 2:30 and only had to wait 10 min as opposed to the 1.5 hour wait if we got there at 5! but anyway, the yum i was referring to was in the boy kind…those delicious, sexayy boys…me, m and char have VERY different taste in boys which is actually very convenient because we never have to fight over them ;) of course, there are those universally attractive male specimens that just have great genes and no one can deny their obvious good looks but we usually agree to disagree on how hot we think a boy is.

i like the stereotypical alternative boy characterized by awkwardness, edgy fashion taste, and a passion for music, skateboarding etc. (just for the record, this is different from emo boys…i do not find scene/emo/goth boys attractive at all!!)

of course my muscles are usually bigger than the ones these boys have and i can barely get one of my legs into their skinny jeans but i can’t help what i’m attracted to…anyway, these boys do not exist at my school so in the meantime i have to settle for anything i can get…

my roommate char does NOT find alternative dressed boys attractive at all…instead she likes the stereotypical waspy, preppy, polo-wearing, preppy fratboy from connecticut with a name like tucker, hunter, or carter that comes with the bmw and lacrosse stick in-hand:

these boys are everywhere at my school…so char is basically in heaven here


m on the otherhand does not really discriminate in dress, but in coloring…her type is easy to spot in a second: tall, dark and handsome…or in one word: jewish. any jewish boy who is not hideous is her type. sorry, i meant any boy who LOOKS jewish is her type. (he doesn’t actually need to be a jew-hottie) basically curly brown hair, brown eyes and a distinct nose:

fortunately for m, there are TONS of brunettes and jews all over campus…

let’s get down to business though…if you see any tall, gawky, skinny-jean wearing boy that is somewhat cute and semi-funny (and might have yellow-fever)…help a sista out and give him my number!!! btw, this is a joke just so you know…i’m not THAT desperate (but actually if a boy like this exists on campus hook me up!!!)

btw if you happen to “be the exception” (in the words of he’s just not that into you) and happen to have a boyfriend at school I HATE YOU teach me your secrets!!!


2 Responses to “yum”

  1. Trisha March 6, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    my man is tall, blonde, and buff… :)


  1. guess what i did today!! « - May 11, 2011

    […] a baby raccoon that someone had brought into the animal hospital that he worked at. he was not my type, but there was just something about him. he was built, with shoulder-length hair, and tattoos on […]

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