so happa

3 Mar

happy thursday aka almost friday!  i’m so excited for tonight- all 3 of us are going out together!  because m and i are in different sororities and mary is unaffiliated, we typically have very different going out schedules, or at least, we end up at different events.  but not tonight!

i’m starting out my night at my sorority’s semi-annual krush event!  basically all the girls anonymously invite a boy they think is cute, and there’s a big semi-formal at one of the local bars.  should be fun!  after krush, i’ll meet up with my other two-thirds at our favorite local hotspot!  can’t wait!

i ordered 2 dresses to try for the event, but they just came yesterday and neither was cute… a little late to start from scratch!  therefore, i’m just wearing a teal rebecca taylor dress that i have in my closet with ruffles and a braided neckline.  i’ll pair the dress with some nude Pour La Victoire platforms i just got in the mail yesterday!

let’s hope it’s a fun night!  in case you’re stuck in the library, here’s one of my favorite youtube videos that shows a little peek into some of the fun that might be going down tonight!  this video also miiiight give a hint as to what sorority i’m in!

have a great night!

xoxo charlotte


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