me likEy

2 Mar

so if you didn’t know, i’ll be going down under in July & i’m only allowed to bring two suitcases with me (terrifying). it’s going to be winter there going into summer but THANK GOD their lows in winter are around 40-50* F while here it’s like 0 (if you’re lucky). i’m also going to be living right across the beach so be jealous bitcheS..but anyway i’ve already started thinking about what i want to bring and these are some of the things i want (and have been obsessed with) that are def going to be packed:

1) these pumps (& i want them in black too)








2) this bathing suit (but only if i lose 20 lbs so this will prob NOT be in my suitcase)










3) these aviator ray-bans





sooo…daddy I LOVE YOUUUU and remember my birthday is june 22 :)



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