sip sip

2 Mar

afternoon, guys!  it seems like EVERYONE and their brother is sick these days, including me (charlotte).  all sorts of different viruses are going around, and it’s suuuuper important to drink a lot of liquids if you have a virus.  psa of the day!  therefore, i thought i’d share some of my favorite drinks with you all!

first up we have turkey hill diet iced green tea.  this is hands down my favorite thing in the entire world.  not just my favorite drink, but my favorite ANYTHING.  my family (aka my sister and i) goes through a minimum of 8 gallons a week.  so refreshing and yummy.  plus, it’s only zero calories!  for some reason, i didn’t think they sold this at the only grocery store in my school’s town, but i found it there a few weeks ago.  i literally SCREAMED out loud and texted everyone i know.  just ask m.  she was there.  GO.GET.THIS.NOW!

next up, we have steaz blueberry pomegranate sparkling green tea.  fizzy and light and fruity, with zero calories.  so yummy!  plus, it comes in a glass bottle, and things that come in glass bottles always taste better than things that come in cans.

third, we have coconut water.  my favorite brand is vita coco.  coconut water has a ton of electrolytes, so it’s great to drink during a tough workout.  it’s also all natural.  additionally, it’s the only thing that cures me of my headaches and migraines!  pick some up asap.

and then, of course, there’s normal water.  the best drink for ya!  i like ALMOST every type of water, but voss is my favorite.  the bottles are strong and sturdy, and i like how big the largest size is.  one bottle equals like four cups of water, so i find myself drinking a ton more water than normal when i have voss!

happy drinking everyone!  stay healthy!


2 Responses to “sip sip”

  1. kkm March 2, 2011 at 11:09 pm #

    omg i have coconut water in my room…you wants it?


  1. whole foodie « - May 9, 2011

    […] butter, vanilla almond milk, balsamic vinaigrette, and smart water (they were out of my beloved voss for some reason). of course, i also had to pick up two of my favorite vegetarian items: dr. […]

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