beautiful nail

1 Mar

hey girl hey!  i (charlotte) am busy writing a paper for my sociological theory class on how durkheimian theories apply to issues in the new york times, but i wanted to pop in and offer some input on a vurry vurry important topic: nails.

now, my parents always say that while i am book smart, i am incredibly impractical and therefore incapable of figuring out/doing anything on my own (they say this lovingly of course).  i kind of agree with them, but i think they could give me a LITTLE more credit.  i mean it was an ACCIDENT that one time that my mom asked me (last year, cough cough) to turn on the dishwasher and i accidentally put sink bleach instead of soap in.  and we had to get a whole new dishwasher.  the bottles just looked SOO similar.  and it’s not really my fault that i don’t know how to do laundry.  i was never taught…

anyway, i do not know how to do my own nails.  i mean, i know how it works, but i absolutely cannot do it.  i get paint all over my hands and up my arms and all over the table and the walls.  don’t even get me started on painting my toenails.  at home, i just pop over to the nail salon to get my nails did, but the small town where we go to school has an AWFUL nail salon.  it doesn’t even have nail dryers… thankfully, i have amazing friends who i force are MORE than happy to paint my nails (and toenails) for me.  and these amazing friends just so happen to bring my favorite colors to school for me- what a coincidence!

there are a few basic rules i have for nails.  NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER get square, french-manicured nails.  just please don’t.  i am so anti-square, french-manicured nails that i find it absolutely necessary to put that sentence in all caps.  also, nails should always be short, clean, and round/oval.

my standard color is a mix of ballet slippers and mademoiselle.  i’ve been using this combo since i was 12, probably.  it’s neutral, but not too white and not too pink.








other favorites include you don’t know jacques (my favorite grey), mink muffs (see a trend here- grey is my favorite color), russian navy (deep and kind of metallic), + midnight in moscow (bronzy with some reddish/purplish).  i also like coral polish for tropical vacays and the summa!

and, oh just for fun, here’s an amazingly hilarious youtube video about a nail salon.  my mom, sister, and i DIE when we watch it.  happy painting!


2 Responses to “beautiful nail”

  1. ya know who March 1, 2011 at 10:56 pm #

    it seems as if you are incapable of many things…(typical darien-ite). love the vid though..

  2. kkm March 2, 2011 at 11:14 pm #

    you have boyfran?

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