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actual conversation

31 Mar

the following is an actual conversation that occurred between mary and me after she wasted 2 hours trying to fill out a form that i had told her the night before that she didn’t have to fill out:

charlotte: on a scale of 1-10, how often do you listen to me?

mary: ummmm… about a 3.


xo charlotte

patagonia VS north face

30 Mar

sorry that i’ve been completely mia on the blog lately, school has been ROUGH. and it doesn’t seem to be letting up…

anyway, in my social psych class our professor keeps pointing out that our school is generally a “north face school”.  i don’t really agree though.  i think this is true for the classic black puffy coats, however, when i came here last year i felt surrounded by patagonias (of the fleece sort).  in my town north face was all the craze, but when i went home for my first october break i found myself wanting a patagonia.

the first phase of my patagonia obsession was the fratty, vintage patagonias that all the ridiculous boys in a certain frat wear to the dining hall every weekend.  i had to search ebay for HOURS looking for the perfect patagonia.  what i ended up with was something like this (although they do make new ones along these lines, the colors are just not as cool) [note that the snap pocket is essential]

but i saw a lot of more fratty and ridiculous ones like this

the more classy version of the patagonia is also extremely popular here (i really want this one and ariel has it, which spurred this post idea)

so what do you think, patagonias or north faces?

xx m

i’m over being sober…

30 Mar

i mean who isn’t??? cus you can’t regret what you don’t remember…

too bad school is kicking my ass right now and i am going to be sober for a verrrry long time :(


ps – the asian girl in the vid is me…just kiddin even tho we all look the same

waspy weds

30 Mar

happy wednesday, my darlings!

here are a few waspy finds for you on this wAsPy wEdS!

1. YesImWaspy on Twitter

i don’t agree with ALL of the tweets (some of them are a little anti-semitic slash just plain mean), but it’s funny for the most part…


2. Stuff Wasps Like

funny new blog i found this past weekend. study it if you’re a wasp wannaBEE. buzzbuzz…


3. and just for fun, my absolute all-time fave youtube video tea partay.

i may or may not be able to recite the whole video.

xo charlotte



ovo lacto pescatarian

29 Mar

i don’t eat meat, and that causes people to ask a loooooooot of questions about my dietary habits. they’re a bit quirky slash particular, at best. i would say that i’m a pretty adventurous eater, but there are plenty of things that i absolutely refuse to eat, mostly because i’m a texture freak.

-condiments (absolutely no mayo, mustard, relish, cream cheese, jelly, sour cream, tartar sauce, barbecue sauce, hot sauce, etc.; i pretty much never eat any sauces/dips that accompany meals)

-jello and pudding

-bananas (i love almost all kinds of fruit, but i HATE bananas- it’s a texture thing; the only other fruits i don’t like are kiwi, papaya, and mango)

-flavored chips (only exception: salt + vinegar)

-frosting (omg i HATE icing; my dislike of frosting makes me not like cake very much- i do, however, like cupcakes because i feel like they have less frosting than cake does)

i may not eat meat, but i love meat substitutes (creepy, i know). my favorites include meatless meatballs, soysauges, and chickenless nuggets. don’t knock ’em ’til you try ’em. it helps that i don’t remember the original versions that they’re trying to taste like, as i haven’t eaten meat in about five years. i like veggie burgers, too. i also eat seafood. shrimp is my favorite type. i almost always order it when i see it on a menu. looove. i miss seafood so much when i’m at school.

my favorite food hands down is sushi. i will eat almost any type. obsessed. another one of my favorite foods is greek yogurt. my favorite type is siggi’s. it’s an icelandic-style skyr. tart and delicious. the only problem is that it’s a teeny bit hard to find. therefore, my more mainstream favorite is fage. i like to top my greek yogurt with berries. i like all types of berries, but blackberries are my ultimate fave. peaches are my number one favorite fruit, but unfortunately they’re not available year-round. i do NOT like greek yogurt topped with cereal or granola. i’m not a big cereal fan at all, actually. i don’t like how it gets all soggy. it creeps me out.






i also really don’t like buffets. i find them incredibly unappealing. i try to avoid them at all costs.

i won’t bore you with my other particularities. i’ll save them for another time :)

xo charlotte




28 Mar

wish i was there…

hoping for warm weather!

xx m

my new obsession

28 Mar


his dance moves are SOOOOOOO cute:

this one’s my fave:

perfect stoner music:

he might be like the new sam adams but he is by far a better rapper and he’s blowing up fast….for good reason too, his lyrics are pretty legit and his beats are just relaxing. he reminds me of a leprachaun but if you’re into that kinda thing i’m sorry to inform you he’s taken by his high school sweetheart…how cute is that??? i wonder how long that’ll last though…

pce out,


how i stay sane

28 Mar

(wait, who said i was sane?) i actually can’t believe that i haven’t posted about my day planner yet. my day planner is my LIFE. i would die without it. i schedule out all my days pretty much by the hour, and i also write down to dos in it. i cross off everything as i do it. i would show you guys a picture of the inside of my own day planner, but i’m a little embarrassed of how ocd i am. this erin condren day planner pictured above is the one i currently have. i first saw it on one of my favorite blogs called simply bee, and i promptly put it on my christmas list. i cannot tell you how many of my friends have now bought this day planner after seeing mine. it’s super cute and is personalized! there are a bunch of other fun prints too. even better, all of her day planners are now 35% off. go get one. it will change your life- literally.

xo charlotte

sunday funday round 2

27 Mar

i’m baaaaack with some more sunday fUn! this time from the office:

xo charlotte

sunday funday

27 Mar

ugh. sunday=worst day off the week. can’t stop, won’t stop. i’m sure you’re all trapped in the library too, so here’s a little procrastination tool for you:

asians sleeping in the library is a hilarious websites full of pictures of, well, asians sleeping in the library!

are you still reading, or are you off stalking pictures of asians already?

xo charlotte