i belieb

26 Feb

i’m not out tonight (surprisingly…jk) but if i was this is probably what i’d look like:

It’s not uncommon for people to come up to me and ask me if i’m okay, or if i’m hot or having an allergic reaction because i’m usually all red and sweaty and squinty-eyed (more than usual) by midnight. I have a confession to make. The reason I’m all red and sick looking is because i have a bad case of:

haha just kidding. i’m actually red cus i get ‘asian glow’ when i drink…if you haven’t heard of that you probably have no asian friends (racist! jK) but i’ll blog about that another time. Anyway, i’m a belieber. i don’t care that he’s sixteen, hasn’t hit puberty yet, probably spends more time on his hair than me and is the size i was roughly in third grade…he is amazing! and he is uniting people all over the country. i mean me and hundreds of chubby little 10-year-olds with braces now have the same goal in common thanks to him….to become the next mrs. beiber (they probably have a better chance than i do unfortunately). if you haven’t seen it, you HAVE to watch Never Say Never (in 3D of course…totally worth the extra 3$)! it was so inspirational and cute, plus his performing was amazing. this is THE underdog story. after watching this movie though, i did get creeped out by the 40-year-old moms who were chasing him..hopefully when i’m forty i’m not lusting after 16 yr olds that look like they’re 12 because that’s just plain unnatural and wrong. seriously women…get a grip..


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