25 Feb

love it or hate it, it’s an integral part of our life at school.  in honor of the blizzard currently happening outside, i decided to do a rundown of the standard uniform here on the ever snowy east coast:

  • a black puffy coat, an absolute essential (most commonly north face, michael kors, etc.)
  • some sort of bottom, but generally black leggings (more posts about leggings to come)
  • snow boots. these are the KEY to surviving life here in the arctic (yes i am being dramatic, but have you looked out the window?) [common brands here tend to be sorel, ugg (but not the normal ones because they have literally NO traction as evidenced by some massive wipeouts throughout our freshman year), and l.l. bean boots]

although these aren’t the most fashionable pieces of clothing/shoes sometimes you just need to suck it up and wear what will keep you alive.

just to reinforce, snow boots are a MUST HAVE. although our school claims to have “heated steps” and claims to “clear snow efficiently”, most people here would tend to disagree.  i am willing to bet that every student here has had at least one massive, traumatic wipe out in their college career.  now when i say traumatic, i mean TRAUMATIC.  not only falling down the stairs and hitting your back so hard you may think you’re paralzyed, but in the process having every book in your bag fly out–hitting the people around you, having your blackberry disappear into one of the many mountains of packed snow, taking down that cute boy in your calc class with you AND hearing the people around you attempting (poorly) to muffle their laughter. hey, it is pretty funny when it’s not you right?  today is no exception to the necessity of snow boots because all of the stairs on campus currently look like massive, packed-in, snow ramps. good luck navigating those…

another terrifying aspect of the snow are the AVALANCHES that seem to be happening near every building on campus.  today we were engrossed in a scintillating discussion of yet another tense of italian when we heard loud thuds and the room all of a sudden seemed to get darker.  everyone instantly looked out the window and saw PILES of snow falling from the roof.  what would happen if you were standing under there?  what about when the slabs of ice just casually slam to the ground from the roof? not cool.

clearly i am not on the best terms with the snow right now, but i do acknowledge that it can be pretty amazing.  our campus in the snow is gorgeous and NOTHING bonds college students like a good venting sesh.  how do you guys feel about this craziness?

wishing for warm weather,

xx m


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