24 Feb

the administration at our school SUCKS.  they literally make everything as hard as possible for us.  it’s like we do them a FAVOR by coming here.  we (aka our parents haha) pay like $55,000 a year for us to go to a place where the administration is literally AGAINST us.  it’s like a civil war.

i just went to drop off my study abroad papers and get a form for my advisor to sign, and they WON’T give it to me.  they’re like, ohh well you have to meet with us first.  i called over a WEEK ago and they won’t give me an appointment unti tomorrow (aka the deadline), but my advisor is going to be off-campus.  so now apparently i have “last priority” to get approval to go off-campus.  ughhh.  actually double ughh (as a side note, m and i dramatically sighed at the exact same time this morning… you know you spend too much time with someone when everything you do is synchronized).  anyway, i AM going abroad.  whatever.  they’ll just have to deal with it.

actually, m and i are going abroad TOGETHER!  we’re going to fLoReNcE!  soo excited!  we already have a huuuuuuge googledoc full of all the places we’re visiting while abroad in europe.  we would LOVE it if mary would come abroad with us too, but she’s going to… aUsTrAliA!  woohoooo!  australian hotties, here mary comes!

oh p.s. none of this has been approved yet.  the sucky administration is just going to have to SUCK it up and deal with it.

xoxo charlotte


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